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Miscota can be your most comprehensive online shop reptiles. Take a look at all products for reptiles available on our website, and see that every aspect you should look at the life of this type of pet you would solve, since the food for reptiles specific for different animal types until all factors have the best aquarium or terrarium for your turtles and other pets.

Food for reptiles

Each reptile feeding in their natural habitat differently. Obviously one of the first things you should know about the reptile you go to adopt a pet that is fed in its natural state. Once you know you already know that you will bring food. In our online pet store you will see that we have food for omnivorous reptiles , herbivorous or insectivorous , and we even have a section with food supplements so that you will contribute all the nutrients you need that animal.

So get the facts on what to eat your iguana, chameleon or snake you have per pet, then search our catalog of food reptiles, because no doubt you'll be surprised by the variety of menus featuring brands like Hagen, Trixie or JBL .

Within turned into pet reptiles, one of the most common are the turtles. For them we have a specific section on food. Vitakraft brands, Friskies or Arquivet have different types of food for turtles , basically differentiating between tortoises or terrapins. One difference that not only shows in their diet, as this also implies that rarely stay in a terrarium or an aquarium.

Terrariums and aquariums for reptiles

If you want to have a reptile as a pet, it is advisable that before acquiring the animal, have very clear where going to stay. And when we say where, not only we refer to the area of your home, but the habitat that you create for it, either in a terrarium or an aquarium. This first step is essential and prior to purchasing any reptile.

For example, you have to know if your reptile or turtle requires water to survive or not. And once known this, we must start designing the living space as aquarium or terrarium. For you must also know if you need heating , water filters or a type of lighting specific. All these needs will lead you need a specific cabinet to house the aquarium or terrarium, and at the same time avails all its facilities.

That is, you have to know what kind of need heating cables in your terrarium for iguana, what kind of thermostats need to regulate the temperature of the aquarium water for your terrapins, or what kind of filters have to place to ensure good of that water. All an exciting discovery process before the needs of your future pet.

Decorate a terrarium or aquarium

Once you know and have controlled all thermal, lighting and hygiene facilities, that is what heating cable will heat the atmosphere of your terrarium or what equipment will measure the temperature of the aquarium water, or what heaters use to it, you can now dive deeper in a second design phase.

It is minimally decorate the space where you will live your reptile or your turtle. That is, in a terrarium where you will place the waterer for your turtle and how will, or what and how much land you set them in the background, which should also serve as a filter, or how artificial plants aquarium you going to create the illusion an environment as natural as possible.

In the case of terrariums we have complete kits for you incorpores all the basic elements, and over time you can go adding more details that make you more placid life to your pet.

Something similar happens with aquariums, because you can always go adding decorative elements for your turtles. But both in the case of dry environments terrariums, and aquarium, the most important thing will always be the good condition and maintenance of the filters, thermostats, heating cables, substrates, to ensure optimum environmental conditions for your pet. Fixed that and guaranteed the quality of their food with food reptiles that we provide in our shop online animals, you can be sure your pet is a turtle, an iguana or some kind of snake can live in your home for a long , long time.

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